Summer Teams Rules

Summer team squash is all about having fun and socialising with fellow club members whilst continuing to play squash during the off season. To achieve that goal people need to be committed to this principle and be at the club for the duration of the evening to create the right atmosphere and support their fellow team mates during their games. If you do not feel you can commit to this then please consider putting your name down as a reserve only.


• There will be a restriction to the numbers - maximum 60 participants with 5 members per team; 3 squash and 2 racketball
• Play will start at 6.30pm on the dot! • Players will be assigned a time slot to play on the night of their play, so you must be available to start at 6.30pm as times will change over the weeks.
• If you cannot turn up at 6.30pm, you MUST inform your team captain and opponent who can make rearrange your court time on your behalf.
• Opposing teams will be assigned a court and will share another court with another set of teams
• ALL matches MUST be marked using a proper score sheet and handed to one of the summer team co-ordinators
• You MUST pay on the evening before the scores are finalised for the night. There WILL be a forfeit from team points of 2 points per person that does not pay before the scores are read out at the end of the evening. Team captains will be responsible for collecting money. Even if you do not stay for food, the price will be £6, this pays for not only the food, but the court and the lights.
• Play will be finished by 9pm if the rules are adhered to
• Play will be on alternate weeks starting 29th May 2018
• There will be 10 weeks of play, with a break for the entire month of August. Quarter finals on the 4th September 2018, the semi- finals on 11th September 2018 and finals night on Friday 14th September 2018 (the game for Tuesday July 17th will be played on the Wednesday July 18th due to cricket event!)
• Players in the 3rd squash string will be handicapped
• Players in the 2nd squash string and the reserves will be handicapped ONLY when standing in for a number 1 string player
• Players in the racketball strings will be handicapped
• Team shirts will be organised this year with individual team names. If you order a t-shirt you MUST pay for it, even if you have chosen the wrong size, so be careful which size you pick. If you want more than one t-shirt please indicate this. It is not mandatory to have a t-shirt, but will make you more identifiable to your team. T-shirts will remain at £7 each. There are female and male sizes so please indicate which one you want
• GUESTS – any guests and non-participating players are welcome to support the night however if they wish to enjoy the meal afterwards then they are requested to pay £3 (if there is food available after the players have been served)


• Each ‘couple’ will be given 30 minutes of court time; 5 minutes to warm up and 25 minutes to play, you will play for the full length of time
• If you leave the court in this time, except for injury or a broken racket you WILL forfeit 5 points from your score on each occasion- this will be STRICTLY enforced
• Play will be “rapid-fire”. The serving player is free to play the ball as soon as they are in the serving box – this will help prevent time-wasting to run down time
• Play will be American scoring and will continue past 15 until the end of the 25 minutes
• Scores will be given per 15 points gained e.g. 30-15 = 2-1 29-14= 1-0 except where the handicap difference is GREATER than 10 then the lower handicap player will be given score on each 10 points gained
• If both players are playing off scratch and at the end of the 25 minutes it is 14- 14, 29-29, 44-44 etc, it will be sudden death to establish a winner
• There will be 5 bonus net points awarded to the winning teams

Summer teams is designed to be a social event, get to know new people and to play a game of squash or racketball, please do not ruin this for others by not adhering to the rules. There will be forfeits for the teams who do not abide by these rules. Any team that does not field a player in ANY of the games and legs of the 10 weeks will forfeit 10 points at the end of 10 weeks play and thus could lose their position for the finals events!


If you do not intend on playing and being present for the entire evening, do not put your name down. There is a reserve list if you cannot commit to this.